The Pipes Are Here!

Well, it turns out that Doug never sent me the tracking number. Instead, he sent me something better – the bagpipes!


The box was surprisingly light, but it seems that everything is in there – including the reeds, the carrying case, etc. I unpacked to take a quick look, but of course didn’t open any of the parts. From here on, we’re onto the finish line. Brandon, the HONY founder and photographer, is on a 2-month trip with the UN, so I don’t think we’ll be able to get him to join in, but I am going to check in with Olivia, his manager, to see if she wants to partake in the ceremony in any way. Next, I want to arrange for a decent photographer (if we can’t have Brandon, we’ll just have to get ourselves a temp replacement :D) and figure out a date. I’m going to shoot everyone an email with this update, and to see if people want to write Malcolm a nice note to go with the bagpipes.

One last thing before you get to the pictures below! Michael, Malcolm’s indispensable bookstand partner, has been absolutely crucial to our campaign – I’ve mentioned him in our very first blog post. I’ve spent a number of hours with him talking about Malcolm, his career, etc. Malcolm, whom I’ve met several times, is very nice, but a little more quirky, so Michael has often served as a go-between, managing Malcolm’s expectations, helping put us in touch, and helping prepare him for the surprise. Maybe you guys can think of some way we can help Michael – whether through book donations, or even just by stopping by his NYC Union Square bookstand (right by the Barnes and Noble entrance) and thanking him.  Unlike HONY, I’m not in the full-time business of changing lives, and I’ve never worked with the homeless before, so I’m not trying to start another campaign; I just want to give credit where credit is due. This campaign couldn’t have happened without Michael.

Finally, here are the photos!





12 thoughts on “The Pipes Are Here!

  1. Max,

    This is so exciting!!!!!!! God is all over this project!!! Thank you for being His facilitator!!! I will be in NY sept 10 thru 15 and hope to go by the book stand . They’ll never know my involvement except to probably buy a book or two!! I had spoken with you before about how to help Michael out as well. If u have any ideas and can share before I come up I would love to help!! Even lugging an extra suitcase from Georgia full of books would be worth it!!!

    Again, thank you for blessing so many people with this opportunity to bless a stranger!!!!

    Blessings from Georgia!!

    Maria Trenam

    • Thank you, Maria! I was just thinking about your chat and kindness today. Let me think about what the best approach for us is, and I’ll definitely let you know.

  2. maybe you are not in the fulltime business of changing lifes but you sure did change malcoms life with your great action of fullfilling his dream and the efford you put on this.i am sure i speak for many people when i say thank you so much! i am sure malcolm will be thrilled to receive the pipes.cant wait to see his reaction.

  3. Thank you for all you have done to help these gentleman..I would be happy to donate have made a difference & asked for nothing, I wish you many blessings …the next time I am in the city I will stop & buy some books…thank again & again..

  4. I would also like to help Michael any way I can. I live in Romania so I’m pretty far away but I can definitely donate if you were to start another campaign.

  5. Max, you are awesome! Btw!
    I have plenty of books to donate to their bookstand. I’m not sure if I missed how to get them to Michael. If you have already posted it, please forgive me for asking, once again. Do you think that this is a good way to help them, especially Michael, out?
    I’d also love to donate money to another “Go Fund Me” project, since I was completely blocked out of the first one. I, unfortunately, don’t have any ideas what that new project could be. (I have been thinking about it since the beginning, too.) It’s really hard to figure out what people need/want. Have you had a discussion with either one of them about next steps?
    Sorry if I’m being a pain. You are such a wonderful person and I don’t mean to give you any more work. Peace.

    • Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your kind words; I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to donate to the first fundraiser! In one of the future posts, I’ll definitely explain how the process went on my end and why I decided to stop fundraising when we did. That said, I really appreciate your – and others’ – desire to help Michael. Give me a little time to think about it, and I’ll definitely get back to you! In the meanwhile, feel free to shoot me an email via GoFundMe to reach me directly.

      • I can’t wait for the pictures of the big day! I hope Malcom shows up. If not, I’m sure that Michael will be an awesome “stand-in.” I can’t even imagine how excited you must be to make someone’s dream come true. Congratulations and thank you for being whoever you are to make this happen.
        (I’ll send you an email re: book donations)

  6. Max – I would be happy to contribute an amount towards a contribution to the stand or a thank you gift for Michael. Please do let me know how I can help

  7. Many thanks, Max, for stepping up so quickly, setting up our online fund, and for being transparent throughout the process. You’ve really given so much to the process and I am appreciative for all your efforts. I hope you’ve been blessed along the way. ~wish I could be there, but Tennessee is more than a subway ride away. Best wishes tomorrow!

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